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When I was young, I wrote, "I want to be a world photographer and dancer."  Little did I know how this would inform my view of the world as an artist and what I would have the honor of doing to this day.

I began photographing at a young age, taking portraits of local neighborhood friends in my backyard on black and white film. More than just capturing their portrait, I wanted them to see how I saw them, how beautiful and wonderful they were. I still desire this in every shoot, capturing their movement, humanity, and story.  I began dancing around the same time. I was choreographing in my mind in any still moment -- from the backseat of the car with headphones on, to late nights in the dance studio, and later studying and training in modern, non-traditional partnering and improvisation with modern dance companies, Inlet Dance Theatre and Elu Dance Company in Cleveland, OH. I began traveling and dancing with dancers in cities around the world, advocating for justice and healing, speaking about the human condition and exploring pathways to finding healing and freedom through movement. 

As a photographer, I have had the privilege of traveling and working for organizations I believe in, both nationally and internationally, watching how a photograph can truly change the course of someone's life. I have photographed many beautiful individuals and projects, from artists, small businesses, families, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and dance and theatre companies, and it has been a honor every step of the way.  

I live in the city of Charlottesville, VA, where I serve and grow as Founder and Director of The Farm House Cville, a home for artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders, furthering people in their callings as artists, and tending to the cultivation of community in the city. This is my home base, my studio, and my artistic community.  You'll find me writing and releasing new work on my blog, dancing weekly in the studio, teaching, creating new works with local dancers, and photographing portraits and projects at home and on the road. And in all of it, seeking beauty and transformation in community.


clients and publications

Associated Press, CNN, The Plain Dealer, Southern Living, Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland Scene, Cville Weekly, Cville Mag, Knife & Fork, Thrive Magazine, The Charleston Gazette, The Local Palate, Brooklyn Law Magazine, Appalachian Heritage, Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland Playhouse Square, J.Q. Dickinson Saltworks, Elu Dance Company, Inlet Dance Theatre, Mesh Design, Darling Boutique, Hardy County WV, Open Arms Foundation (Medellin, Colombia), Pfunanane Academy (South Africa).

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